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Whether you're just learning about Hopedale Destination or you're a returning Hopedale Destination Imagination parent, we hope you'll find what you're looking for here. If you have additional questions please email us


Do you have a child who loves to create, perform, build, invent or discover? Destination Imagination offers children the opportunity to do all of that -- and then some! While working in teams of 2-7, students choose one of six challenges. The teams then spend several months meeting together to create a unique, TEAM CREATED, solution that meets the criteria of the challenge. Adults are not allowed to interfere! They supervise, they provide time management support, they provide a place to meet and they provide snacks -- but they CAN NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE TEAM'S SOLUTION! After months of creating and collaborating, the team brings their solution to our Annual Regional Tournament and presents it to trained Appraisers. The Regional Tournament is a festive celebration of the teams and their accomplishments. The Regional Tournament concludes with an awards ceremony with teams in each category advancing to the State Tournament at WPI in Worcester, MA. 


ADULTS NEEDED!! Each team needs a TEAM MANAGER. The Team Manager is an adult who supervises the team and supports their efforts. The Team Manager provides a meeting space, snacks and encouragement. The Team Manager helps the team stay on task and helps the team find the supplies they need. The Team Manager can not contribute to the team's solution.

If your child is interested in joining Hopedale Destination Imagination, the best way to ensure they are placed on a team is to volunteer as a Team Manager. There is free training available and we provide support and guidance throughout the year. You can share this responsibility with another adult and be Co-Managers together. If you are unable to volunteer as a Team Manager then reach out to your friends and see if they're able to be a Team Manager. 

If you're unable to volunteer as a Team Manager for your child's team, then let us know. We will do our best to find a team for your child. Unfortunately, each year we have many children who are not placed on a team because we don't have enough Team Managers. 

If you're considering being a Team Manager but are unsure of the commitment, please contact us and we'll fill you in. Being a Team Manager is a big commitment, but there's something pretty special about watching your child and their teammates work together to create a solution and accomplish something so unique! 

COST TO PARTICIPATE: There are fees to participate in Destination Imagination. These fees are set by the State Affiliate and the National Destination Imagination Organization. These fees are subject to change each year, but in general the cost is between $50-80 per person (depending on how many students are on a team). Additional costs include materials to create the solution and snacks for weekly meetings. Contact us to determine the exact cost for your team and to let us know if someone on your team needs financial assistance in order to participate.



If you'd like to learn more about Destination Imagination visit and

If this sounds like a program for your child please email us to learn more and visit one of our informational nights in the fall. 

Hopedale Destination Imagination is proud of what makes our children unique and interesting. Each year we are amazed by what they imagine, create and discover.  We look forward to seeing what they come up with this season!

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